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Exigen VisiFLOW Data Conversions / Migrations

4matix Provides Turnkey Conversions of Exigen VisiFLOW to both Cloud and On-Premise ECM Platforms! 


4matix has successfully converted many Exigen VisiFLOW (Vista VisiFLOW) systems to a wide range or ECM platforms. We can convert Image data (.dms), COLD data as well as annotations.  We convert the image data, stored as .dms files, into a neutral format (TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc.) for loading into a new repository.  Some VisiFLOW systems also have image data stored in .001, .002, .003, etc… files  – we can capture and convert that data as well.
We convert the proprietary Exigen VisiFLOW annotation data into a neutral format so that it can be imported into your new repository.  We can also burn redactions into images and deliver two sets of the same document – one with redactions and one without them.  Most customers however prefer to import live annotations to preserve the end user experience.  We have delivered annotation data into OnBase, Documentum AX, ORACLE WebCenter, IBM CM and ORACLE UCM (Stellent).  


Recent VisiFLOW Conversions:

Exigen VisiFLOW (Vista) to OnBase – Court w/redactions
Exigen VisiFLOW to DCTM AX – University System
Exigen VisiFLOW to IBM CM – Insurance w/annotations
Exigen VisiFLOW (Vista) to iDMS – Court w/redactions
Exigen VisiFLOW to ORACLE Web Objects – Aerospace 

4matix specializes in large data migrations and has been instrumental in providing such conversions for some of the country’s largest companies and Government organizations.  You can find more information about our conversion process here and download our brochure here.  Please take a moment to tell us about your project for a free assessment. 

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