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Project Descriptions

Project Descriptions4matix has worked with companies in many industries and has also done work with Government Agencies at all levels, Local, State and Federal. As such we have worked a great deal with regulated data – such as HIPAA and Gramm–Leach–Bliley. Our conversion process and approach works across industry lines, from those with little to no regulation to some of the heaviest regulated industries around.


Industries where 4matix has worked:

  1. Hospital Systems
  2. BCBS
  3. Dental
Financial Services
  1. Mortgage
  2. Investment Banks
  3. Money Center Banks
  4. Credit Unions
  5. Regional Banks
  1. State Pension System
  2. County Government
  3. Federal Agency
  4. US Military
  5. Medicaid
  6. State Agencies
  7. Law Enforcement
  1. Property Casualty
  2. Health
  3. Mutual
  1. Industrial cooling
  2. Industrial large equipment
  3. High tech
  4. Textile
  5. Automotive
  6. Utility
  1. Higher Education
  2. Local School District
  3. State University Systems

Current and Recent Projects:

Healthcare System

(FileNet to OnBase – 130M pages)

Insurance Company

(ImageRight conversion)

Healthcare System

(ORACLE IPM to OnBase – Image and COLD)

Manufacturer /Utility

(FileNet to ORACLE UCM – from 9.1 GB Optical – delivered as PDF)

(FileNet MSAR conversion to Documentum) – Database values created from MSAR surfaces – no database exists today.

(Unisys InfoImage – Eastman DS, DV –  to ORACLE 11G – converted image data DS, variable data and attachments DV, as well as annotations) 

(FileNet to OnBase – from MSAR and Optical – 71M pages)

Court System

(Vista – VisiFLOW to OnBase – 27M pages with redactions)

(VisiFLOW to OnBase with redactions) 
Insurance Company

(Unisys InfoImage to ACS / Xerox solution)

State Retirement System

(FileNet to ORACLE UCM – 80M pages with annotations from Optical)

Credit Union

(Documentum AX Image and COLD – “OTG” to OnBase – 2TB’s)

Medicaid System

(Liberty and Proprietary system converted to FileNet IS)

(KoFile to FileNet IS)

Insurance Company

(ORACLE IPM to Documentum)